Balance Dental – Hollywood, California

Balance Dental focuses on creating a feeling of health and well-being for you and your family.  We provide a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry.  We will refer you to specialists for complex procedures if necessary, and you will always be treated by the most caring dental professional team to meet your unique needs.

“In dentistry, as in much of life, there is little more important than balance.  We are concerned with overall health just as much as we are concerned with a beautiful smile.  We look for symmetry, but we also embrace variety.  We provide clinical excellence, and we build relationships.  We have systems and standards of care but maintain flexibility for individual needs.  We strive to be efficient, organized, and tranquil, yet we still love to laugh and have fun with our patients.  This is why we are known as Balance Dental.”

–  Dr. Nicola Malik  

Our office happily provides practical dental solutions in the heart of Hollywood:  

7080 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 808, Los Angeles, California 90028

Call us at Los Angeles Office Phone Number 323-461-9066 or use the Contact Us Today form on the right to send us an email.